Fall Event Roundup


Well, we’ve been busy. Over the past 2.5 months, we’ve attended, sponsored, or exhibited at seven different events! We’re still recovering from all that travel but we wanted to share with you a bit about each! August 17-19 – WordCamp for Publishers – Denver, CO In August, almost 200 attendees gathered at the Digital First […]

Don’t Punish Journalists for Software Problems


Jotham Sederstrom’s public reaction to being fired cold by the New York Daily News for appearing to publish plagiarized content is remarkable in its candor and its acceptance of blame, but belies the pressing issue at hand for those of us who build news websites. Jotham would still be toiling away for his teetering employer if not for a harebrained […]

SXSW, Virtual Reality, and how beta testing can help media


Since its inception, the online media industry has been forced to adapt and reinvent itself based on the whims of fast-moving technologies. For publishers, the problem is that if they don’t adapt, readers might go somewhere else that will. However, even — especially! — for major publishing incumbents, the path to adaption has often been […]

The IRC vs. Slack showdown matters less than your culture


A few months ago, this Hacker news item sparked a lively and—fittingly, for a discussion about this topic—asynchronous discussion about the role of group chat systems in open source projects and distributed companies. At Alley, we use Slack. We’re very happy with it, and it’s a really important venue for the expression of our company culture. […]

The “No Assholes” rule for software developers


As software developers, we routinely must maintain code that we did not build in the first place. Maybe the original developers left the company or maybe they were consultants whose contract ended. Our tendency is to blame these developers for whatever we dislike about their code to deflect criticism, apologize for defects, and gain permission […]

How to get sponsored by Alley

By Josh Kadis

We’re proud to support some of our favorite media and technology conferences like SRCCON , ONA , and WordCamp NYC  – just to name a few. Over the course of the year, we sponsor roughly one event per month, and we consider proposals from many more than that. To all of those event organizers, we have something to say:

Shared Accountability in News Organizations


In a piece for NiemanLab about Digital First Media, Ken Doctor argues that spending on technology and development is vital to being “digital first.” But I wonder if Doctor has the correct definition of that term.  A journalism operation can be “digital first” and receive very little assistance from technology teams. At its core, “digital first” is a […]

Designing for the Demands of Media

By Amanda Shareghi

In a recent episode of It’s All Journalism, director of product development Josh Kadis explained how Alley Interactive’s team of media technologists are helping digital publishers adapt and innovate. The podcast highlights media professionals and their take on the state of journalism. 

What ONA14 Taught Me About Analytics, Content and Usability


These are a few points I’ve been thinking about since the Online News Association 2014 conference wrapped up. They’re based on conference sessions, conversations at our booth at the Midway and my own experience as a newsroom developer. 1. A little bit of data never hurt anyone. NPR and the Guardian demoed analytics dashboards they’ve created […]

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