Project Management

Inside a Massive Migration from Redmine to Harvest and JIRA


Here at Alley we’ve recently completed a six-month project to migrate from Redmine to JIRA for issue tracking and project management. Migrating hundreds of users, tens of thousands of issues, and hundreds of thousands of comments is a daunting task, but we managed it without disrupting our projects, clients, or day-to-day work.

The Efficacy of Brevity: A Short, Handy, Easy-To-Read Guide On Making The Decision To Use As Few Words As Humanly Possible To Communicate and Convey Your Ideas, Concerns and Questions


How annoying is that title? If you answered “pretty annoying” or “super annoying,” you are correct. Using more words than necessary or using a ten-dollar word when a five-cent word would suffice is not a new problem. This scourge on humanity predates the written word. When coupled with corporate buzzwords, language loses meaning and one’s […]

Alley’s Redmine Task Board


At Alley, we use Kanban to manage software development. (For more on exactly what Kanban is and how we use it at Alley, check out this post.) However, we quickly realized that Kanban at Alley was going to be fairly complicated to implement so we built a plugin for Redmine, our project management system. This plugin, […]

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