Don’t Punish Journalists for Software Problems


Jotham Sederstrom’s public reaction to being fired cold by the New York Daily News for appearing to publish plagiarized content is remarkable in its candor and its acceptance of blame, but belies the pressing issue at hand for those of us who build news websites. Jotham would still be toiling away for his teetering employer if not for a harebrained […]

Publish to Apple News directly from WordPress

By Amanda Shareghi

Let your readers get news on the go. The 1.0.0 version of the Apple News plugin is now available for download for any WordPress or WordPress VIP site. Now any publisher can push their WordPress content directly into the Apple News platform with a few simple actions. 

Large Custom WordPress Content Migrations


WordPress natively handles a number of different content migrations from various platforms. However, these will not work for all organizations either due to custom requirements for data transformation or because the data is being migrated from a non-supported or proprietary system. In these instances, writing a custom script is unavoidable. Furthermore, as WordPress becomes widely […]

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