WBEZ Chicago

Chicago Public Radio chose Alley Interactive in July of 2011 to improve the performance of their Drupal 6 site, and then in September of 2011 to lead a site upgrade to Drupal 7. We launched the new version of WBEZ.org on March 31st, 2012 on Pantheon, a Drupal-based cloud platform with turn-key development and deployment features.

The complexity of the legacy site required a custom migration path. Alley Interactive mapped content from Drupal 6 to 7 using custom code. We converted old node types to taxonomy terms and revamped their publishing workflow. We implemented a PHP Stream Wrapper which uploads files directly to Limelight, their CDN.

While a single admin screen managed a highly complex home page, which required several disconnected interfaces on Drupal 6, the Drupal 7 site uses a drastically simplified back end, requiring far less staff training.

Content on the site is now far more flexible. Articles can contain event data, multiple media attachments, slideshows and related content. WBEZ’s constantly growing cache of broadcast audio archives now requires little financial investment and no additional disk space.



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